Highlands Ranch, CO

Snyder Building Construction has worked with Bancroft Capital on many office TI projects throughout the years. Most recently, Snyder completed the downsizing of the Arcadis office space from a single tenant per floor to a multi-tenant space on one floor. Due to the new architectural layout of the office space, a new entryway was required to access the amended space. The Snyder team, demolished walls and re-framed/rebuilt them to create multiple workspaces. Doors needed to be re-framed in their new locations and new finishes were installed. There were also minor mechanical and electrical upgrades made within the new rooms. With so many companies offering their employees permanent remote work options, we think we’ll see more downsizing projects in the future.

Architect: Tenant Planning Services

Project Type: Commercial Office | TI Build-out

“Snyder Building Construction is a fantastic partner for us. They have worked effectively and efficiently on all of our office projects in the Denver metro, with the downsizing of Arcadis as the most recent project. For Arcadis, Snyder handled any shifting logistics with ease, including the construction of a brand-new entryway to accommodate the change in the office layout relative to the new downsized footprint. I highly recommend them to anyone renovating or downsizing their office space.”

Joe Lamkin

Bancroft Capital

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